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Block Party CEO & Founder, Tracy Chou, joins Niki remotely to talk about what her team is doing to make the internet a safer place and why she’s passionate about their mission. Her app puts control back in the hands of social media users using block lists, lock-out filters, and other tips and tricks to combat trolls. The conversation covers why the social media giants aren’t incentivized to do this work themselves, what action is needed for third-party app innovation to thrive, and what, as users (and people) our options are - and should be.

"…it [API access] is actually a win-win-win where the platforms don't have to invest their product and engineering resources in building out the surface area of safety product. And it's some stuff that would never make sense for them to build. " - Tracy Chou


Tracy Chou



Bye, Trolls

episode 50

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