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A zippy conversation about emerging technology hosted by industry veteran Niki Christoff.  What's happening right now on the frontlines of tech? From the C-Suite and Capitol Hill to AI and crypto, quantum computing to the decentralized internet, Niki breaks down the trends in tech to help savvy listeners get even smarter.  Guests include experts, enthusiasts, regulators, policymakers, CEOs, and reporters.  

Listen here or anywhere you get your podcasts to learn more from Niki and guests like SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, NVIDIA's Head of AI & Legal Ethics Nikki Pope, Bloomberg podcast host and NYT best-selling author Ashlee Vance, and Stellar Foundation CEO Denelle Dixon.

New episodes premiere bi-weekly on Thursdays. Subscribe for the latest episodes on YouTube, follow on Instagram, or listen on your podcast app of choice. 



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 Featured Episodes

Guest: Penny Lee (FTA) & Amena Ross. (CashApp)

Date: 10.5.23

Guest: Sheetal Patel. (CIA)

Date: 11.30.23

Guest: Dorothy Chou (Google's DeepMind)

Date: 04.20.23

Guest:   Former Rep. John Delaney 

Date: 02.09.22

Guest: Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) 

Date: 01.26.23

Crypto Shockwaves

Guest: Dante Disparte (Circle)

Date: 11. 17. 22

Welcome to Tech'ed Up 

Welcome to Tech'ed Up 

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