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WVP and Head of Global Communications at Grindr and long-time tech veteran, Patrick Lenihan, joins Niki remotely to talk about the iconic dating app. The company is both a “start-up” and one of the first-ever geospatial social networking applications…and now it’s preparing to go public. The conversation ranges from Grindr itself to the company’s business, mission, and current work to bring public health information to the LGBTQ+ community.  

"…it woke crypto up to this idea that Washington did, does present an existential threat. And you may not care about Washington. But Washington cares about you. And that is a realization that waves of the tech industry, I think have kind of gone through over the last 20 years. But crypto got it so fast "-  Tory Newmyer


Patrick Lenihan



The Story of Grindr 

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