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A zippy conversation about trending technology hosted by industry veteran Niki Christoff. What’s happening right now on the frontlines of tech? From the C-Suite and Capitol Hill, to crypto and Gen Z TikTok, Niki breaks it all down to help savvy listeners get even smarter. Guests include experts, enthusiasts, regulators, policymakers, CEOs, and reporters.

Full episode list below. 

 Tech'ed Up Episode Pages

Facebook's "So Sorry" Tour

Guest: Cecilia Kang

Building AI Competitiveness

Guest: Will Hurd

The Basics of Blockchain 

Guest: Jamie Smith 

Making the Case for NFTs 

Guest: Macey Smith 

Regulating Cryptocurrency

Guest: Commissioner Hester Peirce

Surviving a Cyber Attack

Guest: Stevan Bernard 

Cleaning up Cyberspace

Guest: Niloo Razi Howe

Disinformation Campaigns Explained

Guest: Camille Francois 

Making sense of the Metaverse

Guest: Emily Birnbaum

Learning about Web3

Guest: Shelia Warren 

Measuring Attitudes about AI

Guest: Leo Rees

Satellites & Space Junk

Guest: Charles Miller

The Case for Crypto

Guest: Deana Burke

Lessons from Billionaire Bosses

Guest: Ann Hiatt

Breaking up "Big Tech"

Guest: Ashley Gold

When Self-driving Trucks Hit the Highway

Guest: Lia Theodosiou-Pisanelli

Parenting in the Algorithm Age

Guest: Kat Mauler

Refinancing Auto Loans Online

Guest: Kevin Bennett

Telehealth and On-Demand Birth Control

Guest: Chelsea Kohler

Ethereum Explained

Guest: Laura Shin

Understanding Stablecoins

Guest: Chris Grieco

Royally Obsessed Guest Appearance 

Your Computer isn't Listening to you

Guest: Austin Carson

Unchained Guest Appearance 

Battling "Big Tech" Backlash

Guest: Nirit Weiss-Blatt

Building Mission-Focused Tech

Guest: Amy Gilliland

Solving Crimes on the Blockchain

Guest: Jennifer Vander Veer

Understanding Elon Musk's Twitter Deal

Guest: Kate Conger

Making Cyberflashing a Crime

Guest: Payton Iheme

Ag Tech & Fixing Farms

Guest: Connie Bowen

Harnessing AI (Without Scaling Harm)

Guest: Miriam Vogel

Blockchain Growing Pain

Guest: Kathleen Breitman

Untangling the Supply Chain

Guest: Santosh Sankar

How China's AI Could Win a War in 72 Hours

Guest: Sean Gourley

Is TikTok Chinas Trojan Horse?

Guest: Brendan Carr

The Crypto Cavalry Has Arrived 

Guest: Tory Newmyer

The Story of Grindr 

Guest: Patrick Lenihan

SEC v Ripple 

Guest: Stu Alderoty 

You Tube's "Rise to World Domination"

Guest: Mark Bergen

Are the Machines Coming Alive?

Guest: Nitasha Tiku

Crypto Shockwaves

Guest: Dante Disparte

Is Tech Policy Passé ? 

Guest: Karen Kornbluh

Workplace Mental Health 

Guest: Malcom Glenn 

Crypto Aftershocks: Live from CES

Guest: Sheila Warren

Facts favor the Optimist 

Guest:  Former Rep. John Delaney

Making Sense of the Metaverse

Guest:  Denise Zhang

Online Speech & The Supreme Court

Guest:  Emily Birnbaum

Bye, Trolls

Guest:  Tracy Chou

Cyber Safety

Guest:  Debbie Taylor Moore

AI Deep Dive

Guest:  Dorothy Chou

Crypto for Good (for real)

Guest:  Denelle Dixon

Kids & Social Media Addiction

Guest:  Previn Warren

‘Deep Fake Drake’

Guest: Jessica Powell

Deep Dark Web

Guest: Matteo Tomasini

Race for Space

Guest: Ashlee Vance

AI, Hacks & Cyber Attacks

Guest:   Paul Rosenzweig

DC & Tech Hot Topics

Guest:   Ashley Gold

Is Crypto Back from the Dead?

Guest:   John Rizzo

Smart Guns 101

Guest:   Kai Kloepfer

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